The Beard Vape Company



The beard vape company has been in existence for a long time which is based in the United States of America, united kingdom and it is the main office is in California. Beard vape has variety tastes as it has a strawberry test its packaged different and you have to check the label and decide which you want to get. Different people have heard different experiences with the beard vape e-liquid.

The New York style Cheesecake with strawberries on top NO. 05 (06VG/40PG)

Some of the consumers of beard vape said that they had an experience of a mellow when you inhale and when you exhale you find another experience of a cake batter which has a cream with less butter. This has a great test all the time as you use it. Another type of the beard vape is the vanilla custard mixed in with a different type of vanilla which when blended together they will vary the test depending on the type of vanilla used. This makes it more natural and sweeter that can make you look for more and more. When the two mixture are mixed together they become thick and stronger which makes people love it more and more. The vanilla vape has to be strong and thick. It has all the complex flavor produced in an e-liquid, well mixed and Graham is not well captured. The main strawberry definitely main flavor in the blend and is the best strawberry vape. This vape is the sweetest and which makes the strawberry taste velvet smooth. This is mostly marketed in New York style cheesecake with strawberries. When you vape this it changes the flavor and turns to the cream flavor. The consumers liked the product but the vape should be tamed so that it can be much better.

A delicious cinnamon funnel cake NO. 32(60VG/40PG)

The vape is marketed as the cinnamon funnel cake, this is tasty vape without any particular taste when you inhale the vape you experience the mellow presence and when you exhale you will get a reminiscent cake batter with a little creamy flavor on it. It almost has the same test feeling like the strawberry beard vape but not great and not absent. Consumers rated this as the best to them because of not being shabby and a great flavor. This number 32 will give you the exact test of-of funnel cake. This fennel cake is mostly found Coney Island where you get the best funnel cake during a hot summer day at the broad walk.

Custard with a dash of custard NO. 51 (85/15PG)

The vanilla test is much stronger in the custard with a dash of custard it has smooth and rich creamy but it is not that much sweet blended. If you love the custard the vanilla in it is the best. This vanilla test could have done better when it was made much stronger. These people think that it’s a custard vape should appeal to a few people and I feel certainly more of a cake custard of a pudding based one, which is not at all artificial. It produces throat hit that is very mild with great cloud productions. It is mix ratio is 85%VG/15%PG.

The unique blue raspberry hibiscus twist no. 64 (70VG/30PG)

This vape has a raspberry flavor which tests a lot as blue slushes and I most definitely get the creamy hibiscus taste that people are looking for thin the product the presence of the hibiscus helps to balance the blend which reduces too much sweetness and improves the blend. It has a mild throat mind with a good cloud production when you take. It has a neon yellow color which makes it look pretty neat and it is so sweet compared to others. Not all people will fall in love with this number 64 because of the hibiscus but for those who love it is the best beard ever. This beard tests much more different from the rest as it transforms your cotton into candy cotton and when you are using silica because it does not sound right with the number 64.

Test the flavor NO. 71

You will be in a position to test or experience the flavor after you have taken a hit and exhaled, then you will get a test of diet coke after drinking or similar test. The effect of the flavor is even more when you test it. People loved it and even ranked it the best because of it is flavor and test.