Vape Into The E-cigarette Trend Convincingly



The E-cigarette, just like any invention or trend, has predictable phases of mainstreaming and a curve of general public acceptance. This is the inevitable fate of an inventor’s creation, that is adopted in a huge scale. It eventually grows into something larger than himself.

The E-cigarette, is no different in this regard. Even though it is growing in popularity, the timid you see, have not yet joined the E-cigarette trend, since it carries with it social costs. Many would like to go all in. But, just like it was the case with veganism, energy drinks, electric cars and online gaming. Vaping has fallen into the same fate. Between misconceptions, half-truths and the desire for acceptance, we will attempt to dive into the intricacies of the vaping culture through this best E-cigarette Review.

The electric cigarette, also termed as e-cigarette or electronic cigarette, is an electromechanical device generating an aerosol intended to be inhaled. By means of an electrically heated coil, it produces a vapor or artificial smoke visually resembling the smoke produced by burning tobacco. This steam, can be flavored with a variety of fruitaromas.

However, unlike the smoke produced by a traditional cigarette. This vapor contains no smell of burnt tobacco and, according to various scientific studies, it contains much lower amounts of carcinogenic or toxic particles. This is why, it is sometimes presented as a less harmful alternative to tobacco or as a substitute for quitting smoking.Furthermore, In the UK, for example, it’s perfectly legal to vape the E-cigarette indoors, since it has no demonstrable effect on the health on 3rd party smokers unlike a cigarette.

For those wishing to completely quit smoking, it’s presented as a great alternative cessation aid because of its three psychological effects. The primary reason being that; it contains less nicotine than a normal cigarette. Secondly, it is the only substitute that will effectively replace the hand to mouth motion, and finally, no smoke patch will allow you to blow smoke into the air.

The mechanism and the aesthetics of E-cigarettes

An electronic cigarette will largely consist of the following main elements:

  1. A battery
  2. A reservoir
  3. A mouth piece
  4. An atomizer and Cartridge. But, if joined into one section, it is a cartomizer.
  5. The nicotine liquid/E-juice


How they work

The atomizer is the part that heats the liquid in order to generate the spray. These atomizers or cartomizers contain a kanthal wire, nichrome wire or stainless steel wire, that surrounds a wick made of silica fiber or cotton mesh.

The purpose of the wick is to store the liquid and to convey it by capillary action to the heating element so that it is heated and vaporized. When the atomizer and the cartridge are, inseparable and form a single component, it is called a cartomizer.

Atomizers have a life span which varies greatly depending on the model, the use and the type of liquid. Some models allow you to change one part only while others allow the user to entirely configure the parts on his own.

All these combine, to form very unique customizable derivatives of the device. Nevertheless, their overarching working principle is largely the same. But then again, that is not to say that there are no differing evaporation mechanisms, liquid storage, battery capacity and voltage supply. In fact, it is from these small variances, that we have the 4 main diverse vaping devices.


Variations of a vaping devices

It is important to prioritize your preferences between the two chief variations of the E-cigarette. Do you prefer an “open” system where a reservoir can be changed? (You can easily interchange liquids). Or, would you prefer “closed” systems, where you only operate with the equipment compatible with the manufacturer? (Only a limited choice in the parts and the various e-liquids available).


Here are the main types

Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APV).

This is the term you will hear in the vaping community; dripping! This mod offers the ultimate tailor made vaping experience and is the most popular because it is fitted with a rebuildable dripping atomizer. You can adjust the temperature of the heating element so that you are able to obtain the desired vapor output.

Disposable E-Cigarette.

This is a one-use electronic cigarette. And, just like a traditional disposable cigarette, it will be disposed after single use.

Rechargeable Two-Piece Cigarette.

Similar in shape to the one-use electronic cigarette, but comes with rechargeable non-removable battery. It does not have many customizable possibilities.

Rechargeable Three-Piece Cigarette.

Far more customizable than the two-piece cigarette. The battery removable if and when it becomes depleted. In addition, they store more liquid.